Valentino: The sheik of chic


The Valentino style has framed an absolute concept of elegance that had little to do with short-term seasonal trends. The couturier’s fashion had the task of providing an aesthetic memory of absolute beauty through the passage of time.


Roberta di Camerino: the Queen Of Hollywood

The Real name was Giuliana Coen, but everyone knows her like Roberta di Camerino. Giuliana relied on the extraordinary craftsmanship of Venice to create one of the only major brands in the region. This craftsmanship was mixed with the neo-baroque style that would become her famous hallmark. 



Ken Scott: The Gardener of Fashion System

Ken scott - gardener of fashion

Ken Scott revolutionized the style of 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Bright and sunny colors, unpredictable combinations, and joyful flowers became his “trademark.” Since 1962 he signed collections of clothes and accessories making him internationally renowned. 


Fashion History: The fabulous 70s

70s fashion: from flower power to disco style. A decade characterized by flowery shirts to miniskirts, from flared jeans to ethnic caftans, from acid colors to psychedelic prints, from vertiginous wedges to low-cut sandals. Ten years of fashion where everything was possible.



Andrè Courregès: the man of the Swinging London

Andrè Courregès was born in 1923. He graduated in civil engineering and take part to the Second World War as an aircraft pilot.Back from the war, he decided to leave the world of engineering to embrace that of fashion. From that moment started his fashion revolution.


Pierre Cardin: the pioneer of the Space Age Style

Born in Italy, radicalized in France, Pierre Cardin was the greatest avant-garde designer of all the time.


Azzedine Alaia: the king of cling

Alaïa was a perfectionist and had been known to sew women into their outfits in order to get the most perfect fit. Alaïa produced a stunning variety of fashions. They included jersey sheath dresses with flesh-exposing zippers, dresses made of stretch Lycra bands, taut jackets and short skirts, stretch chenille and lace body suits, leggings, skinny jumper dresses with cutouts, and dresses with spiraling zippers.


Jean Paul Gaultier: the revolutionary man

The irrepressible Jean Paul Gaultier has been creating inclusive fashion since 1976. From growing up in the suburbs, his extraordinary destiny has seen him become one of the greatest couturiers in the world, without attending fashion school. Thanks to his audacity, talent, irreverence and humour, of course!


Thierry Mugler: The bad boy of fashion system

Born in Strasbourg in 1948, Thierry Mugler moved to Paris in 1972 where he started working as a freelance designer for many famous fashion houses, firstly just in Paris and quickly expanding also to fashion houses abroad in cities like Milan, London and Barcelona, gaining fame and audience very quickly. 


Coco Chanel: the most revolutionary designer of 1900

Gabrielle Chanel was born in 1883. orphaned by her father, she was given in foster care to the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, in Aubazine. Surrounded by women dressed only in austere black and white dresses, Gabrielle begins to define the style she will bring to the world of fashion.


Gianfranco Ferrè: the architect of haute couture

Born in Legnano in August 1944, Gianfranco Ferrè brought the rules of architecture into the fashion system, creating a special revolution for the haute couture. 



Christian Dior: the Designer who changed the haute couture

A man who dedicated his entire life to art and fashion, to express a new idea of fashion and women style.


Yves Saint Laurent: L'enfant Prodige

60 years of revolution, this is the story about a special man, a visionary designer who gave a new language to the world of fashion.


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